It’s More Than a Gift. It’s Time.

Tammy Doerksen, Manager, Philanthropy
Saskatchewan | Heart and Stroke Foundation

A bequest or other planned gift is an often-unexpected but always-appreciated boost to any charity’s ability to reach their goals.

More often than not, a planned gift marks a life of generosity. This was clearly the case when the Heart and Stroke Foundation recently received a bequest from the estate of Clarence Wilfred Leach, a well-respected Nipawin man.

Heart Stroke Wilf 1“He was a very generous and kind man,” says his stepdaughter Debby Morrison. “He was passionate about helping other people.” A caring neighbor, an energetic Legion member, a man of strong faith, Wilfred always had time for his family, friends and community activities.

Because he was a stroke survivor, he understood the challenges of stroke recovery. Wilfred strongly supported research and innovation in stroke therapy so that others could receive even better care and rehabilitation than he received.

His hopes mirror the HSF’s mission to reduce the devastation of stroke. Foundation-funded research has led to new treatments that can virtually erase the effects of stroke. For people who do experience loss of mobility, speech or vision from a stroke, the path to recovery is now shorter and straighter.

Wilfred’s life aligns to the work of the Foundation in another way as well: a lifelong non-smoker and non-drinker, he kept active after he retired from farming. He also knew the value of stress-beating strategies. “He was a proper fellow, but he really enjoyed a good joke,” notes Debby, adding that her wish – and Wilfred’s – was to see people living as healthy a lifestyle as he did.

“The Heart and Stroke Foundation is extremely grateful to Mr. Leach and his family for this generous gift,” says Lorie Langenfurth, CEO of the Foundation in Saskatchewan. “Through his passion for helping others and his financial gift, his legacy will support prevention programs and advocacy for healthy change in our schools, workplaces and communities. A legacy gift, like Mr. Leach’s, has lasting meaning for future generations - a gift of time that will help give children and youth the best start to a long, healthy life and tangibly improve the lives of all Canadians. A Planned Gift can reduce taxes, add to your income, and increase benefits to your estate and its beneficiaries.

To learn more about how you can leave a legacy gift to the Saskatchewan Heart and Stroke Foundation, please contact Tammy Doerksen, Manager, Philanthropy at 306-244-6822 ext. 251 or email doerksent@hsf.sk.ca