The Genevieve and Murray Grant Fund at the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation

In 1969, the presidents of several local agencies within the new United Way of Regina were around a table one day in a small meeting room at the YMCA, at the request of Jack Ambler, director of the United Way. He explained that their agencies had been at the heart of the Community Chest in the city, absorbed by the United Way. A small trust fund was earning little interest. He recommended they agree to use the sum as seed capital in a community foundation. Jack knew that Canada’s first community foundation, from a small beginning in Winnipeg had become a great success. This was the beginning of the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation, that this year proudly celebrates 45 years of giving!

One agency president in the meeting that day was Murray Grant, the advertising and sales promotion manager of Kramer Ltd. since late 1955. He had reached Regina after travelling west in 1948 from Ontario, to visit relatives in his home town of Winnipeg. He chose to remain in the west and married a young woman born and raised in Regina. Her father was a chartered accountant who devoted his working life to assisting local governments in Saskatchewan. Louis Jacobs, FCA, retired in 1960 as the deputy minister of municipal affairs.

SSCF donors Gen and Murray GrantGenevieve and Murray have five daughters and ten grandchildren. Their family today is scattered across the continent, from coast-to-coast in Canada and into the United States. During August in 2011 they gathered in Panorama, BC to celebrate their 60th anniversary.

Murray Grant is a founding Board member of the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation, and he and his wife Genevieve have entrusted the Foundation with their Donor Advised endowment Fund.

“As one of the founding members of the Regina Community Foundation, I was inspired by the success of The Winnipeg Foundation which was Canada’s very first foundation. There is only one way to comprehend the potential impact of a Community Foundation in South Saskatchewan — by getting involved.”  Murray Grant.

Susanne Hamilton
Executive Director
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